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Anyone looking for a contact to or, his email is since their info. is BS.

The official emails for both sites are & (if they even answer... they take about a month IF they do answer finally). His response to me was LAUGHABLE! due to my removal request.

He cursed and told me that everyone could go *** THEMSELVES whom desire removal cause what they do is "legal". Please continue to complain and file with the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( per the FTC instructions.

There is strength in numbers. I'm assuming it's OK to post email addresses since they have no problem posting everyone else's.

Review about: Peepfind Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am very upset about this site. They do not have any regard for the privacy of others. I hope they are removed from the internet.


The peepfind a-hole seems to be directly connected to the guaranteedremoval site since the removal click leads to that site directly. Seems to be a scam.

How does this guy have access to millions of individual's private data and what about the posting on the page of birthdays?

I contacted Google and filed a complaint on these entities - both of them. Hopefully, if more people do exactly that, they will ban this term.


Peepfind will not remove your information. Several email requests, and NO reply. Bad business practices here!!!


My info was "suppressed" not removed. Trust me, if the search on your name still shows up as 1 result (even if the page is blank), and the URL/page which list your name doesn't now have a 404 code (meaning the page is deleted and will be deleted from search engines), they still have your information and will republish & make visible again soon enough.

Just go look at their sister sites they own.

I'm sure the person whom posted "what are you doing wrong?" and "got deleted in a day" is from anyway. LOL Clearly an attempt to have a nice spin on a negative review. Laughable!

I asked to be removed meaning DELETED, not suppressed.

If the info.

was truly deleted, a 404 request to delete the page entirely would be honored. These people search sites are criminal.


I was successful, but my request to remove my dead brother was NOT. Only part of the info was removed.

to Anon #1417996

How long did it take to have your information removed?


I have successfully removed myself from peepfind and others I know too, I don't know what you are doing wrong, but the experience has always been pleasant and within a day.

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